An open message to all WANNABE Sports Members (current AND prospective)

-- Welcome to the HOME of WANNABE Sports' Online Fantasy Sports --
Providing franchise-style fantasy sports entertainment with quality Seasonal and Keeper Fantasy Football Leagues and Fantasy Baseball Leagues to individuals and pre-formed leagues. Even FREE Seasonal Leagues.
    • WANNABE : slang for want to be - as in want to be in control of a major league sports team.
    • This IS a company by strict definition. It is NOT a faceless, soulless corporate entity. Rather, WANNABE Sports IS the individual you have or will come to know as the Commissioner. Just the one guy. No one else. There are no employees or officers. No one else involved other than you, the members. Your job is to participate honestly and enjoy the competition. Everything else that transpires is performed by, and at the discretion of, one individual within the boundaries provided by common sense (and where necessary, the law). WANNABE Sports offers Fantasy Sports in the form of 'FREE' Seasonal Franchise Leagues supported by advertising and user donations ...and... low-cost, user-supported Keeper Franchise Leagues with additional features and WANNABE Points where applicable. Small Leagues in the franchise format, intimate competition, and decent odds where luck's involved.
    • Profit is not withdrawn from the company. Funds collected are reinvested into continuing operation, improvements, and awards. (Anyone thinking I'm in this to get rich needs to know there's probably a better chance of wealth in a state lottery. --and I DON'T buy lottery tickets because the odds are ridiculous-- Money is NOT the motivation for WANNABE Sports' existence.)
    • WANNABE Sports does not promote million dollar contests with odds similar to the aforementioned lotteries. It's just here to provide a fun hobby in an intimate, competitive, easily accessible environment. Many sports enthusiasts enjoy WANNABE Sports once exposed to it. Any honest individual who wants to compete in Fantasy Sports should be able to play. When I first wanted to play, there wasn't anywhere to go and it was necessary to start my own League just for the opportunity to play. Then I discovered the advantages of first computers and later the internet in the administration and participation of fantasy leagues. When I realized I could do the same for others and combine two things I was very interested in (computers and fantasy sports) WANNABE Sports was born.
    • The franchise format (limited number of unique teams per league, head-to-head schedule, performance based scoring) was chosen for the original League because it is well suited to friendly competition. Fun, competition, friendship, and above all fairness are ingredients intended as the basic make-up of WANNABE Sports. The franchise format of fantasy sports administered by an honest, reputable source provides these ingredients to the largest possible audience through the internet. Other on-line and off-line services may provide similar offerings. But in most every case, the motivation for their existence is MONEY, not the game. Sample WANNABE Sports' Fantasy Leagues yourself and form your own opinion.